Congratulations and best wishes as you prepare to enter into marriage!
At its best, marriage allows the two partners to risk more and to gain more: to grow more fully into the people they want to be for one another and for themselves, and to help their love to overflow to care for their community and the world. It’s an exciting, life-giving and life-changing commitment, and a powerful witness to the world of the power of love to transform our lives.

We would be delighted to offer our support as you plan for your wedding. The best place to start is to call the office at 905.549.4335, and make an appointment to speak with the rector. That conversation will help you to get to know us, and for us to get a sense of how we can best walk with you through the planning to the wedding day itself. The initial meeting will also give us a chance to give you a tour of the building, to explain our requirements about marriage preparation, a wedding rehearsal, and fees, and to give you a chance to ask any questions you might have.