Annual Vestry Meeting – February 20th @ 11:30

Would you believe that we hold our annual vestry meeting every year? Really! We met last year virtually, using the Zoom platform. The nice thing about Zoom is that it allows people to participate either by using a computing device or by a telephone. We’ll be using Zoom again this year. An email will be sent out to all parishioners we have email addresses for early in the week of February 13th with a link to the meeting and instructions for how to connect. Please make sure to send the office a note if you want to confirm your email address with us! Alternatively, if you need information about how to connect to the meeting using your telephone, please leave a message on the office voicemail and our Parish Administrator will respond with details.

Our Annual Vestry Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 20th, at 11:30am (EDT) using Zoom.

Canon 4 of our diocese spells out what the annual Vestry meeting is for: to receive the accounts of the previous year, to elect and appoint Churchwardens and Lay Representatives, and for the transaction of other business connected with the temporalities of the Church.

What does that actually mean in terms of our business? This year we’ll:

  • review our agenda
  • review and approve the minutes of last year
  • elect and appoint wardens and members of Parish Council
  • approve the Financial Statements for 2021
  • look at the budget, and commend it
  • give authority to the wardens for some actions they may need to take

Vestry also gives us a chance to pause, and to reflect on what last year was like. It helps us to retell our story, and to recommit ourselves to God’s presence in our lives and the life of the world.

We recommend that you read the Vestry Report before the meeting. Please share any questions that occur to you in advance with either Matthew or Laura, so that we can be prepared to respond.