Baptism of Our Lord – 10 January 2021

Our Sunday service will be live-streamed to Facebook at 9:30am on Sunday morning. (You don’t need to have a Facebook account to go to the page and participate!) We’ll hear about the baptism of Jesus, and renew our baptismal covenant. The order of service can be found here.

The readings will be Psalm 29, Acts 19.1—7, and Mark 1.4—11.

Here’s an introduction to the day from Sundays and Seasons:

Our re-creation in baptism is an image of the Genesis creation, where the Spirit of God moved over the waters. Both Mark’s gospel and the story in Acts make clear that it is the Spirit’s movement that distinguishes Jesus’ baptism from John’s. The Spirit has come upon us as upon Jesus and the Ephesians, calling us God’s beloved children and setting us on Jesus’ mission to re-create the world in the image of God’s vision of justice and peace.

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