Congratulations Elsie and Kath!

We offer our congratulations to Mrs. Elsie Biegler and Ms. Kath Dubecki, whom the bishop made members of the Order of Niagara at services on the 1st and 15th of October of this year. As the bishop shook their hands, and presented them with the medal of the order, the Dean read the citations that can’t capture their phenomenal records of service to church and community. We’re pleased to share those with you.

ON - ElsieMrs. Elsie Biegler: The bishop didn’t appoint Elsie to the Order of Niagara because of their mutual love of curling, but rather because of the values that Elsie has promoted in her life and volunteering. Under her leadership, the Royal Victoria Curling Club has reached out to LBTQ and youth populations in the city, and been a gracious host to the Bishop’s Company Bonspiel. Her passion for community flourishing has built strong relationships with city counsellors and other civic leaders and resulted in a number of projects coming to fruition. She has served as a warden and on parish council at the Church of the Nativity–to which she always walks–and has offered both questions and wisdom that have helped with large parish decisions, smaller educational groups, and parish life events.

ON - KathMs. Kath Dubecki: Kath’s dedication, commitment, and passion for the mission of the church have been unflagging over many years and even multiple communities. She has served as a warden, a lay delegate to Synod, a member of Synod Council, a chorister, and a member of parish councils. Of particular note at the Church of the Nativity is her role as one of the organizers of the parish’s community lunch program since its inception. Her perspicacity, warmth, determination and good humour and humility make her a joy-filled companion on the journey of discipleship.



Congratulations Kath and Elsie!