Sunday, 13 February 2022 – 6th Sunday after the Epiphany

Due to the wide-spread community transmission of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, our worship services are currently only online. We encourage you to limit the number of people you encounter, and to get the vaccinations and boosters that are available to you: keep yourself as safe as possible, and strive to protect others!

You can join in our Sunday service, live or later, via YouTube. The stream will begin at about 9:45 with a welcome and some prelude music; the service will begin at 10 am.

To make it easier to join in the responses and to sing along with the hymn of the day, make sure you have the order of service handy!

This Sunday is the Sixth after Epiphany. We’ll hear Paul teaching the followers of Jesus in Corinth about the Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15.12-20), and we’ll hear Jesus offering the beatitudes in the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6.17-26).

Sundays and Seasons offers this reflection on the week’s readings:

Blessings and curses abound on the sixth Sunday after Epiphany. We would do well to listen closely to whom the “blessed ares” and the “woe tos” are directed and to find our place in the crowd among those who desire to touch Jesus. The risen Christ stands among us in the mystery of the holy supper with an invitation to live in him, and offers power to heal us all.

Finally, we want to remind you that Vestry will be held online via Zoom next Sunday–February 20th–at 11:30. We’ll be posting the Vestry Report to the blog, and sending an email to everyone for whom we have email addresses with meeting details. Please call the office if you need a printed copy, or want information about how to call into a Zoom meeting.