Sunday, June 19 – Second Sunday after Pentecost

All are welcome to attend in-person services. Entry to the building is solely from the main doors on King Street East. Weather permitting, coffee hour will follow the ten o’clock service in the Nativity Gardens.

Service Guidelines have changed; learn more here.

You can join the service, live or later, via YouTube. The live-stream will begin at 9:45 am, and the service itself will begin at 10am. You’ll still be able to watch or re-watch it on YouTube at the same link any time thereafter.

Keep this order of service handy! It has the readings, the responses, and hymn texts–so you can join in as fully as possible from afar.

This Sunday is the Second Sunday after Pentecost. In the first reading, we’ll hear about the prophet Elijah fearing for his life, and encountering God in an unexpected way (1 Kings 19.1-15a). In the gospel passage, we’ll hear about Jesus casting out demons possessing a man of the Gerasenes–a place on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee toward the Golan Heights (Luke 8.26–39).