A prayer for the people of Iraq

The Reverend Michael Deed, the rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Hamilton, shared the following prayer for the people of Iraq. For an overview about the horrific persecution of ethnic minorities, particularly Christians and Kurdish groups in northern Iraq, If you wish to learn more, you can read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement here, and you can find an overview here. In the meantime, let us pray and act for peace!

Jesus, you taught nothing but love and compassion
Yet, you suffered as a refugee fleeing for your life.
You suffered the brutality of the cross.

We pray for your people in Iraq,  especially our brothers and sisters in faith, Who this day flee for their lives, and who face death, losing their children, mothers, fathers. Give them courage and bring them hope and protection. Help them to flee swiftly and bring them to places of safety.

We pray for those who perpetrate this cruelty.
May they be stopped.
May they be convicted of this evil.
May they be removed from all power.
May their hearts be turned to fervent sorrow.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, have mercy upon them.
Jesus, Prince of Peace, give us a voice for peace.
Jesus, Prince of Peace, bring peace to your world. Amen.


If you’re wondering about next steps, in addition to praying, check out this article which has six suggestions.