Holy Conversations, Part 1

Our first session of the Holy Conversations process happened on March 26th. Canon Christyn Perkons was with us for both Sunday services, and preached a fine sermon explaining the process and sharing with us some of its fruits in other communities.

During coffee hour, we explored two big questions as we began. What follows are the notes from that session. A reminder that everyone connected with the Church of the Nativity is invited to participate in any and all of the sessions: the wider our communal discernment, the better! Our next time will be April 30th, at about 11:15.


Church of the Nativity, Hamilton

Holy Conversations #1

March 26, 2017


What brings us joy; nourishes us?

  • Services
    • Seasonal variety
    • Homilies
    • Involvement
  • Music
    • Language – Choir
    • Tunes
  • Warm Welcome
    • Friendships – talk about feelings/spirituality
    • Less judgement
    • Intimacy
  • Forgiveness – from God
  • Pastoral Care
    • Rector
    • Parishioners
    • “Caring Community”
    • Inclusive
  • Wednesday Services
    • Intimacy – informal
    • Interactive
  • Outreach
  • Love of God
  • Children
  • Sense of community
  • Coffee Hour
    • Food
    • Camaraderie
  • Music
    • Peter – Brings out best in choir; knows us, integral part of the community
    • Anthems work for our strengths
    • Right music for services
  • Ministry Team
  • Way building is used
    • By us
    • By other groups
  • Opportunity for personal reflection
  • Interaction with kids
  • Surroundings
    • Ambiance and sense of holiness
  • Matthew is a special gift to us
    • Listen, love, authentic, person
    • Lack of judgement
    • Sermons talk about and touch our lives
    • 6th sense about when people need him
    • Creates a sense of intimacy and inclusiveness
    • L & O each bring their own gifts and the family relationship is significant to us
  • Choir
    • Spirituality
    • Sense of family – extended
  • Spiritual nourishment
    • Well filled up
    • Food for week ahead
  • Belonging
  • Being active participant in something bigger than self
  • Diverse involvement


What would be missing if Nativity wasn’t here?

  • User groups as an avenue to Faith Community
  • Community wouldn’t feel like community
  • A gathering place for seniors
  • A place where people can find help
  • Events in which the community engages
  • Ecumenical services
  • The spiritual presence
  • Our regular upholding in prayer of our neighbourhood
  • Sign of God’s presence and peace for our neighbours and those who drive by
  • Place in which the neighbourhood can gather as a community
  • Cross – generational time
  • Children
    • Witnesses to Faith community
    • Carrying the Christian way out into their schools, their recreational activities and their friendships
  • Supportive/caring community
  • Outreach
    • Support, e.g., Matthew’s House
  • Sign
    • Reflection, witness
  • Historic presence in Hamilton (1881)
  • Resurrection symbols
  • Faith on exterior