Nativity Marketplace

gingerbread cookieOur second annual Marketplace will take place on November 28th, from 9-2! Last year’s Marketplace had over thirty vendors with all kinds of wonderful creations and crafts and novelties, just perfect for those starting to shop for presents.

In the next room, our hardworking decorating guild staffed a bake & deli table that was not to be missed. And all the while, our Mothers’ Union members ran a lunch table with tempting aromas of tea, coffee, soup and sandwiches–and where some broke into their bake & deli purchases before making it home!

After welcoming hundreds of people through the Marketplace last year, we’re looking forward to this year’s edition, too! If you’re interested in being a vendor, or know someone who is, the application form is here. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ring the office at 905.549.4335!