Second Sunday after the Epiphany – 17 January

Sunday Prayers on January 17th, 2021 will be live-streamed to Facebook.

A time of music for quiet preparation will begin about ten minutes before the prayers begin at 9:30 am.

The order of service is available here.

The readings will be 1 Samuel 3.1—20, Psalm 139.1—6, 13—18, and John 1.43—51.

Here’s a short introduction to the readings for Sunday:

All the baptized have a calling in God’s world. God calls not just pastors and deacons but also the youngest child, like Samuel. The story of the calling of Nathanael plays with the idea of place. Nathanael initially dismisses Jesus because he comes from Nazareth. But where we come from isn’t important; it’s where—or rather whom—we come to. Jesus refers to Jacob, who had a vision in a place he called “the house of God, and . . . the gate of heaven” (Gen. 28:17). Jesus says he himself is the place where Nathanael will meet God.

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