Sunday Prayers – 21 February

Sunday Prayers from the Church of the Nativity will be live-streamed to Facebook. The service will begin at 9:30 after music is played for quiet prayer and preparation.

The order of service can be found here. Our tradition on the First Sunday in Lent has been to begin the service by singing the Great Litany in procession, wrapping the community in prayer. This year we’re excited to welcome the Very Reverend Peter Wall, who will lead us in singing the Great Litany in place of the prayers of the people!

Here’s what Sundays and Seasons offers as a short reflection on the week’s readings.

On Ash Wednesday the church began its journey toward baptismal immersion in the death and resurrection of Christ. This year, the Sundays in Lent lead us to focus on five covenants God makes in the Hebrew Scriptures and to use them as lenses through which to view baptism. First Peter connects the way God saved Noah’s family in the flood with the way God saves us through the water of baptism. The baptismal covenant is made with us individually, but the new life we are given in baptism is for the sake of the whole world.