Update from St. Matthew’s House on our Hamper Program!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been gathering supplies to create hampers for the people St. Matthew’s House is helping into housing. Focusing on essentials for people who lack the basics, we’ve been collecting everything from flatware to sheets, from towels to kitchen supplies, from toiletries to cleaning supplies, and so much more.

Mel—the Supervisor of Senior Services—shared an email with us to give us a sense of what we at Nativity have been able to help provide, along with some pictures. She’s given us permission to share her note:

I wanted to connect again to give thanks and to include you in our progress. I have attached a couple of pictures, and wanted to update you on our progress since our last meeting. The kindness and generosity of yourselves, your community and your church has been overwhelming and has provided a new beginning for at least 25 individuals. We have put together 25 hampers, 28 additional bags containing items like blenders, bake ware etc., to be added to each individual based on need and inclination. As well we have cleared and dedicated two large shelving units to store the remaining supplies. St. Matthew’s House has never before had access to this many hampers, and would like to share what it means to our senior’s services department to know that when an individual is housed we will be able to simply go downstairs and retrieve all they will need to begin their lives as independently housed members of their communities, thank you for everything you have done and we at St. Matthew’s House would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays.

– email from Mel