Fourth Sunday of Easter (April 21st)

You can join the service via YouTube!
The stream will begin a bit before 10 am, and you’re able to watch or re-watch the live-stream at this link on YouTube at any time.

The order of service is available here.
You may wish to have it handy when joining via the live-stream. It includes the words to the hymns, the readings & the responses, and makes it easier to participate remotely. It also includes prayers you may wish to pray during the reception of the Eucharist.

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter. Here’s a note from Sundays and Seasons that speaks to the readings we’ll reflect on together.
The image of the good shepherd shows us how the risen Christ brings us to life. It is the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep, one of mutual knowledge and love, that gives the shepherd authority. The shepherd’s willingness to lay down his life for the sheep shows his love. First John illustrates what it means to lay down our lives for one another by the example of sharing our wealth with any sibling in need.

Our cover image is an icon written by Kelly Latimore. The artist has granted permission for the non-commercial use of the image with attribution.