Sunday, June 5 – Pentecost Sunday

All are welcome to attend in-person services, without per-registration. Entry to the building is solely from the main doors on King Street East.

Everyone–without exception–must wear a mask properly at all times while inside the building.

You can join the service, live or later, via YouTube. The live-stream will begin at 9:45 am, and the service itself will begin at 10am. You’ll still be able to watch or re-watch it on YouTube at the same link any time thereafter.

Keep this order of service handy! It has the readings, the responses, and hymn texts–so you can join in as fully as possible from afar.

Jesus Mafa image of the coming of the Holy Spirit as described in Acts 2.
Pentecost – Acts 2:1-4

This Sunday is the feast of Pentecost–the fiftieth and final day of Easter! Sundays and Seasons reminds us

On Pentecost, we celebrate that we have been given an Advocate to accompany us. Poured out in wind and fire, water, wine, and bread, the Holy Spirit abides in and among us. We give thanks that God speaks to each of us, no matter our origins, language, or life path. Filled with the Spirit of truth, we go out from worship to proclaim the saving power of Christ’s love and the freedom of God’s grace with all the world.

A pen & ink sketch of a dove embracing the world.

In the first reading, we hear of the descent of the Holy Spirit–chaos ensues with signs of fire, wind, and myriad languages, before Peter makes sense of what is happening and what the gift of the Spirit means for the followers of the way. (Acts 2.1–21)

In the gospel passage, although the disciples struggle with just who Jesus is, they’re promised that they are part of God’s mission–and that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, to strengthen and enlighten them. (John 14.8–17)

At this service, we’ll welcome two young people into the Body of Christ through the sacrament of baptism, and renew our baptismal covenant.