Sunday, May 29 – Seventh Sunday of Easter

All are welcome to attend in-person services. We no longer need attendees to preregister, and you will be able to choose where to sit. One side of the church still has some pews blocked off to support those who need to maintain physical distancing. All entry to the building is from the King Street East main doors.

Everyone–without exception–must wear a mask properly at all times while inside the building.

You can join the service, live or later, via YouTube. The live-stream will begin at 9:45 am, and the service itself will begin at 10am. You’ll still be able to watch or re-watch it on YouTube at the same link any time thereafter.

Keep this order of service handy! It has the readings, the responses, and hymn texts–so you can join in as fully as possible from afar.

It’s the Church’s penultimate Sunday in the Great Fifty Days of Easter! In the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, Paul casts out a spirit from an enslaved woman–ruining the chance to make money for those who enslaved her. They have him and his companions flogged and imprisoned–only for this moment, too, to turn into an opportunity for the jailer and his household to come to know Jesus. (Acts 16.16–34)

The second reading brings us to the end of the Revelation to John, and with it the reminder that God’s love and desire to hold us close has been from before time and will be for ever. Jesus testifies to welcome us into the fullness of God’s presence. (Revelation 022.12–14, 16–17, 20–21)

The gospel pericope is an excerpt from a moving prayer Jesus offers as part of the Farewell Discourse (the speech Jesus shares with his disciples after the conclusion of the Last Supper). In it, Jesus desires above all that the disciples may be part of the unity of God and God’s love, as he sends them to continue his work in the world. (John 17.20–26)